In a world where the climate change due to pollution is a certainty and nature desperately calls for help, our products are sustainable.

True innovation starts in the fiber. Advanced, environmental friendly technologies are the ingredients for a sustainable techno-fabric, soft, ultra-flat, pilling resistant, which guarantee the same look and feel as standard polyester.

The white fabrics with the coloured pattern on our products are made of recycled polyester sourced from pre and post consumer materials.

Five 2-liter PET bottles are enough to make one T-shirt!

Recycled polyester replaces oil with plastic waste in the manufacturing process. This is a much better alternative to waste burning or dumping in landfills and oceans.

We protect our soil, air, oceans and even natural resources for future generations.

The authenticity of the fabric origin that we use is proven by the hangtags attached to every item that we sell.

Making everyday products more sustainable with recycled performance fiber opens up a world of possibilities to reinvent and re-create garments.

This will encourage customers to reflect more on their future purchase decisions.

The primary reason for a fashion purchase always depends on its functionality, comfort and look. We think it’s important to create sustainability awareness, show honesty and transparency, attempt to learn more and be interested in the environmental impact of our garments.

We turn waste into a win, reusing it and preserving our precious natural resources. That makes a big difference for everybody.

We see sustainability as a movement, not a moment. Our – and our children’s – future depends on it.